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Founded in January 1998 by João Líbano Monteiro and Fernando Maia Cerqueira, JLM & Associados is one of the main Portuguese communication consulting companies operating in Portugal.



JLM&A approached Evidensys to design and implement a timesheet solution that would allow them to obtain precise knowledge of the use of resources in their consulting projects. In this way, JML&A would have at its disposal not only the data but above all a tool that would be fundamental to optimize its resources throughout its projects.

After demonstrating the Timetracking and Productivity Platform and exploring the possibilities it offered, JML&A decided to extend its scope of use to other geographies and group companies, namely M Public Relations and JML&A Angola. Although the management and coordination of operations was left to independent teams from each company, the coherence of the data and processes allowed analysis both at the level of detail and in a more global view.



The solution delivered based on the Timetracking and Productivity Platform allowed JLM&A companies to use their resources more efficiently and effectively. Reports for its Clients are now available in real time and, as the way of working differs from company to company, the functionalities and processes of the Web solution were 100% customized to JLM&A’s needs. From the introduction of times and expenses (very important in these tools), to the calculation of costs and margins, to reports with time limit alerts, all procedures were aligned with the operations of JLM&A companies.

Currently, and since it is a platform, the maintenance cost is residual and proactive. New features can be implemented whenever necessary and there are no extras that, in the case of productivity solutions, become unbearable for employees.

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