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We believe in making a difference for our customers and users, and we are looking for those who also want to leave their mark with responsibility, solidarity and initiative.

The 3 pillars

The choice of our collaborators and partners is based on 3 transversal pillars to any position: Sense of responsibility, Solidarity among colleagues, and Initiative.

1. Sense of responsibility

Sense of responsibility for the work, as this responsibility is the basis of the relationship with our customers;


2. Solidarity among colleagues

Solidarity among colleagues because with the increase in remote work, the most personal treatment is lost and it is important that we can all count on everyone.

3. Initiative

Initiative to solve problems and innovate, both in Client projects and internally.

Application Requirements

Choose the job opportunity that best suits your application based on the requirements presented.

Web Developer (Laravel)

The 3 pillars are:
  • Good knowledge of PHP and Laravel
  • Knowledge in MySQL (or MariaDB)
  • Knowledge in HTML and CSS (Sass)
  • Experience with Github or BitBucket

Mobile Developer (Flutter)

The 3 pillars are:
  • Good knowledge of Flutter
  • Mobile knowledge UI
  • Experience binding to REST API
  • Experience with Github or BitBucket

Interface Designer

The 3 pillars are:
  • Proven experience in the creation of UI/UX
  • Web and Mobile portfolio
  • Experience with Figma and Photoshop

Spontaneous Application

The 3 pillars are:
  • Perfect spoken and written Portuguese
  • Good level of spoken and written English
  • Describe the skills in the application presentation field

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