We build your imagination


Increasingly, software solutions have to offer agility to companies and be aligned with business objectives. Evidensys offers a range of 100% customizable platforms so that we can build your imagination, with you.


Our cloud platforms allow you to deliver fast solutions that are 100% aligned with your business needs and objectives.

CRM Campaigns Platform

Personalized CRM platform for the productivity of your commercial and telemarketing team, and for your clients' objectives.

Timetracking and Productivity Platform

Productivity platform for your local or remote team. Easily analyze and optimize the profitability of your projects.

Project Digitalization Platform

Platform for digitizing processes, documentation and expenses in a cloud solution customized to your business.

Why platforms?

We combine the advantages of products that have already been implemented and tested, with solutions developed according to your needs and objectives.

Don’t look for products, find a solution

The introduction of software products forces your business to adapt to new ways of working to meet the functionalities or interfaces. These adaptations reduce your team’s morale and productivity. Evidensys solutions use platforms that have already been created and tested, but are fully adapted to your needs.

Align the software with your business goals

The business digitization process must meet your objectives and the way your business works, not the other way around. For this to happen, business solutions have to be custom-made, or at least customized in detail, and technologies chosen appropriately, to fit the values of each business.

Flexibility and robustness

A custom-made solution does not necessarily mean a more expensive project. The solutions implemented by Evidensys mostly use our platforms, immediately offering a range of functionalities with total flexibility, not only to adapt perfectly to the needs of each Client, but to evolve according to the changes that the markets dictate.

Let's talk?

A Evidensys cria Web e Mobile Apps que tornam a sua imaginação uma realidade. Tem uma ideia para melhorar um processo ou para chegar a Clientes de uma forma mais eficiente? Fale connosco.