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CRM Campaigns Platform

Evidensys CRM Campaigns platform is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility. The solutions delivered to Customers based on this platform are intuitive for users and fully adapted to our Customers business needs.


Count on total flexibility in adapting to the way your business works and an easy and intuitive interface to make work more productive and efficient.

Clear and personalized vision

The visibility of companies is not only defined by each campaign, but can also be filtered by any type of attributes, as general as the district or the financial score, or as specific as the level of tension or the end date of the contract. In addition to these filters, assigned to the campaigns, each user can manage their own filters and ordering of the companies presented to them.

Leads online report

You can define different types of Leads (IQL, MQL, SRL, SQL, etc.) and act according to the rules defined in the platform. Each lead can be double-validated by a campaign manager who, with his consent, makes them available online for his Clients or managers. You can also configure several Leads reports that are sent automatically every day or every week.

Full customization

Far beyond traditional business software customizations, such as institutional colors, the company’s logo, or even custom fields, solutions based on the CRM Campaigns Platform are truly custom-made. These solutions are created based on the best practices by sector of activity and are 100% customized for our Clients.

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