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Project Digitalization Platform

Digitize your company or departments projects with the Evidensys Project Digitalization platform. Do not force a change in the way you work - find the solution that fits your needs and improve your team productivity and efficiency.


Count on total flexibility in adapting to the way your business works and an easy and intuitive interface to make work more productive and efficient.

Your way of working

The Project Digitalization Platform adapts to the way you work, from the way you record expenses, assign tasks, generate reports or group multiple projects within each Client. Increase your team’s productivity, maintaining the motivation of each employee with a solution that aggregates the systems in a digital space in the Cloud with easy and intuitive access.

Connected to your Cloud

Adapt your Cloud documents to the information structure you already use on a daily basis. Define what each document represents or create templates that your users use as a basis for creating new documents. Unify internal and external communication, maintaining the file repositories that your company already uses today.

Find everything, whenever you need it

Characterize all work elements in a digital space the way your team already does it today and ensure that you have access to everything easily, quickly and accurately. The Project Digitalization Platform is based on numerous filters that allow you to find everything you need, regardless of whether it is a task created by an external user, or a document that is in a Cloud.

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